Подводное плавание | Diving Krabi

Frames from a Canon-S110 in its underwater case (gracefully purchased for me by Ron “Ronnel” “If this is Ron, I don’t want to be right” after he accidentally dropped my old Canon-S95 down a flight of stairs):

Underwater video – prepare for the worst and most nausea-inducing “cinematography” that you’ve ever seen. Featuring:

  • Excessively wide shutter angles!
  • Incorrect exposure!
  • White balance that isn’t even close to correct (although reasonable people may disagree about white balance)!
  • Wrong color grading!
  • Problems with dynamic range!
  • Everything wildly out-of-focus!
  • Camera handling that resembles a GoPro (TM) strapped to the forehead of an epileptic in a nightclub!