Мама, я в Тайланде | Mother, I’m in Thailand

Film photographs from Krabi and Bangkok (Hasselblad V-Series, 6X6). This is a mixture of “new” Velvia (RVP50), “fast” Velvia (RVP100 & RVP100F), Provia, Ektachrome 100, Ektachrome SW, FujiChrome 100/1,000 MS (rated at ISO=100) and Ektachrome Panther 400X (downrated to ISO=200) (yes, really) :

The following are all digital photographs, shot on a combination of devices (Canon S110, Galaxy S5, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, iPhone 6). Here we are, touring the parks of Bangkok:

Here are some frames from in and around our hotel; we liked it very much:

For the groom, the highlight of the trip came when we were touring Buddhist temples. A gang of Buddhist monks spied a young Englishwoman with a tattoo of Buddha on her chest; they chased her off the temple grounds with brooms, shouting “Buddha is not tattoo!”. This was truly a beautiful cultural experience. Unfortunately, we did not catch it on film, but we do have plenty of photographs from the temples:

In the 1970s, a pair of eccentric Indian businessmen came to Bangkok and decided to buy up farmland in the middle of nowhere, several hours outside the city, and start building scale-model knockoffs of all sorts of South Asian landmarks. They are currently in the process of building an artificial mountain. This odd business idea has been wildly successful, and the model monuments are of very good quality in general; in some cases, in better repair than the actual buildings. We rented bicycles and rode about:

We went to Safari World, whose website is a masterpiece of responsive design:

What’s more, Safari World includes such non-PETA-approved events as “Oran-Utang Boxing”; while the groom would not describe himself as an avid conservationist, he still recommends that all people refrain from punching endangered species in the face, and advises against all “intimate encounters” with dolphins:

That said, bride and groom greatly enjoyed the Safari Park, and the dolphins particularly impressed with their speed, power, and intelligence. Truly they are outstanding creatures:

Being in Krabi, it was obligatory to hit the beach; we also swam in some freshwater geothermal springs (though the groom was hesitant; he only likes swimming in saltwater):