Детали | Details

Saturday, August 10th, 2019:

Our wedding starts at 4:00 PM (16:00) Moscow standard time, at the Atrium banquet hall in central Moscow, on August 10th. We expect the wedding to last no later than 11:00 PM (23:00). If you are arriving by taxi, the address is:

3rd Pavlov Lane, Building 2 (“traytii Pavlokskii pereulok, dom dva”)
Moscow, Russia, 115093

Taxi drivers generally do not speak English, so we recommend that you have the address handy in Russian. We recommend the app “Yandex Taxi” (similar to Uber; note that Uber does not work in Russia). This app will allow you to pay in cash (Russian currency only), which is an advantage as the service doesn’t accept foreign credit cards. Using this app and fixed prices will do much to protect you from clever taxi drivers. You will want to write the address down, print it out, or save it on your phone so that you’ll be able to present it without depending on Internet connectivity:

3-й Павловский переулок, 2

If you are traveling by Metro (a convenient way to travel in Moscow), the nearest metro station is Серпуховская (“Serpuhovskaya”), on the grey metro line. Other stations (including Добрынинская, “Dobrininskaya”, on the burgundy central circular line) are also within walking distance:

The Moscow metro is actually quite easy to navigate, and costs next to nothing (about $0.80 per trip, with unlimited transfers and of unlimited duration in time and distance). Trains run every 90 seconds during peak hours. We recommend the app “Yandex Metro” as a navigational aid.

Sunday, August 11th, 2019:

On the day after our wedding, we will be going on a walking tour of Moscow, seeing some of the sites together. This will be a good opportunity for photos, and for everyone to meet in a casual environment. Both of us will be spending a good deal of time acting as translators so that our families can get to know each other. We will be happy to translate for our guests as well–if there’s a particular Russian or American with whom you’re having difficulty finding a common language, then we can help. We will also be stopping at a restaurant for lunch. The itinerary will be dependent on both the weather and how tired (or animated) everyone is feeling, but possible sights include:

  • Красная Плошадь | Red Square: Here, you can take a picture of Saint Basil’s Cathedral (which is almost certainly much smaller than you think it is). You can also go into Lenin’s mausoleum and take a gander at him, if you’re into that.
  • Парк Горкого и Нескучный Сад | Bitter Park and Non-Boring Garden: Bitter Park is quite pretty, in the style of parks in typical European capitals. It’s rather reminiscent of Jardin Des Fleurs in Paris, except larger, flatter, and more crowded; unfortunately, unlike Jardin Des Fleurs, the groundskeepers don’t have a habit of turning on the sprinklers when visitors incautiously tread on the lawn, so you will likely not have a chance to see tourists dodging sprinklers while overburdened with expensive camera equipment (truly, this is the magic of Paris). Bitter Park is centrally-located and will be crowded in the summer. Non-Boring Garden is a thirty-minute walk from Bitter Park, and is a bit less manicured, more “natural”, and less crowded.
  • Храм Христа Спасителя | Cathedral of Christ-the-Savior: The original Cathedral was built in celebration of the failure of Napoleon’s Russian campaign. Later, Stalin blew it up and executed all of the clergymembers, but it’s been rebuilt, and it’s quite nice.
  • Парк Царицино | Park of the Czarina: After she overthrew Peter III, Catherine the Great ordered the construction of a personal estate and palace on this site. It has now been converted to a park, and is quite scenic. It is also one of the very few places in Moscow that is not geologically as flat as a pancake; there are a few rolling hills. This park is somewhat distant from central Moscow, and large enough that it won’t be intensely crowded. You’re guaranteed to see no less than three wedding parties per hour if you walk around this park in the summer.

Подарки на Свадьбу | Wedding Gifts:

Note: If you have worked with, or currently work with, the groom of the wedding (particularly, if you have supervised me, or if I have supervised you), we ask that you not give gifts of cash, nor anything of significant monetary value; rather, we’d love to receive a card with your heartfelt wishes.

Your company is the gift we look forward to the most; we recognize that–for those traveling to Moscow from the States–the airfare, visa costs, expenses of lodging, and time taken off work are already significant expenditures. For Russian guests, the bride will reach out individually regarding gifts. For American guests, if you wish to give gifts, we would ask for monetary gifts (cash, in USD or RUB). This gives us flexibility to purchase the conveniences of life, and hopefully spares you the inconvenience of lugging cookware and linens from the Land of the Free to the Motherland.